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I grew up learning to love doing difficult stuff, being constantly challenged, tackling difficult problems or scaling big simple problems; these are the things that gives me a thrill.

Recently I've been having troubles in finding new stuff in the programming world or in technology at all that motivates me enough. I have to note that this is after nine years of having a laboratory at my hands where I did build everything I wanted. I had a nice budget to purchase development kits and I did some serious projects using microcontrollers, wireless communications, fpgas, fpaa, embbedded processors, compilers, embedded systems, distributed systems, large databases and while the vast majority of the stuff I did purchase or build never got into a real application, I'm very proud of the ones that did . Right now, I'm building smaller systems in the sense of scale and complexity. It's fun to relax and think, but I have yet to decide which is the next big project I'm going to tackle.

I have a huge list of things that would need to be improved, right now I'm working on the Loovus project and the projects we do at Bora. These are highly challenging projects and require a lot of sofware to be developed, yet I want to keep improving my programming skills beyond the level they currently are. I have been improving my lisp and my emacs, I want to develop another nice system in erlang, javascript is very nice as it supports a lot of the things I learned to love about lisp and erlang. Even so I still need to study more and give it more tiem before I can figure out which is the next problem I'm going to tackle.

I'm tired of doing so many things sitting and not being out with my dogs. So now I'm learning how to ride a longboard, well not really I just got a very cheap skateboard and tested if I was going to like it before spending some real money on a decent setup. At first the board was incredibly shitty, it barely rolled yet it was good enough to start learning how to stand on it and push a bit; soon I decided at least I had to replace the bearings, the ones that came were absolutely useless. After that the board improved a lot and I'm being able to practice with it but now I'm beggining to understand why this board is so shitty and I'm not even trying to jump, the thing squeaks whenever I do any harsh movement and the tracks make hard to do any turning, the wheels are so soft that I suspect they will be gone very soon.

I'm incredibly clumsy at this moment but I feel how I'm improving each time I practice with my shitty board, I know that sooner than later I'm going to have to change the setup as the board is going to start hindering my progress very soon, but right now doing the kick and achieving some decent speed it's my current challenge, I've dropped myself with this thing in some small hills and I love the feeling. Now I'm certaing that I will continue doing this and practicing, I've seen some very nice hills around here that I would love to ride.

Right now I'm beggining the research on the setup I'm going to be buying, yet the naming scheme is aboslutely shitty and the information about specification of the parts is almost non-existent. It seems in this area you have to believe the hype or trust someone that recommends you some brand name, or the real alternative is to try yourself, the selecion is based mostly on experience. It's hard being an engineer and not seeing data about the stuff I'm going to buy. I guess I'm going to be wasting some money before I understand the art behind the assembly of the setup.

I have not yet complete protection but that thing is easier as for my current needs, cheap protection is more than enough but in this area I have more experience and it's easier to pick.

Wish me luck.

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