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Enabling SuperFeedr

This is a small post about, and now I'm enabling htt:// in this Blog.

PubSubHubBub is a protocol that enables the notification of subscribers when a publisher updates it's content. It was part of the core of Ostatus when Branbird was alive. Now it will enable me to do the ublog and this blog and people subscribe to it.

I need to figure out the details on how I'm going to use it with the ublog, maybe I'm going to mix it with the mimir as it's a news reader for me.

Also since this blog is handled by static generation I'm only pinging the SuperFeedr when I'm deploying new content. This should be improved as this is done with rsync and the ping with curl.

The current xml of this blog feed is too trivial and I want to improve it.

I'm hoping this change improves a bit the visibility of the blog, and how it can be used.

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