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Restoring old links and comments

Since I'm not an irresponsible blog admin I've setup proper (permanent) redirects from old word press links back to the new format, also restored disqus comments on this blog so it's alive again.

It's curious how simple is this process compared to wordpress, it's nowhere near the features wordpress can offer but for my use case it has improved how many posts I write.

During this process I reviewed some old posts and noticed how many times I've moved the blog, changed engines and how many posts I have spent logging the adventures of this process. It's in the Archive.

With the brainbird shutdown it broke some image links, I don't know if I will fix them but probably as I really like to curate this blog.

The recent review of old posts gave me an interesting perspective on why this task is so important, in the end, it's me talking to the future me, reminding myself how I got here or there. I'm now really eager to continue writting and publish more details even if they appear irrelevant now.

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