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Leaving viper

Viper as is an emacs mode that enables modal editing in emacs that tries to replicate most of vi(vim?) keybindings and some features. What I like about modal editing is that Io found easier to modify existing code and move around with few keystrokes, I never found vi/vim comfortable or smart enough to help me writting new code and emacs just excels when creating macros and the fact I love lisp makes emacs my tool of choice.

I don't use many emacs modes but I rely heavily in lots of custom keybindings and I have been using macros more and more and while I can even record macros that involve mode switching and mix and match of vi/emacs functions, I decided that emacs way feels more confortable in my hands.

So I've decided of turning viper for good now, I'm now learning more and more emacs movement commands for my macros and I'm loving it. It was a good experience, I still use vim a lot, but for now on, no more viper in my emacs.

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