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Shutting off Brainbird

A couple of days ago I decided to shutdown Brainbird as I got tired of keeping it alive and updated. It hasn't been used by most of the users for a long while and I dont have time for it's original purpose. Some of my friends might miss it, but the attention Brainbird received wasn't worth the effort and money I had been throwing at the thing.

I will scale down the server quite a bit now as the main load is now gone and I've been moving a lof of my stuff to static site generation and when not the user base is very small and the task doesn't generate the same load as Brainbird did.

I will miss the @Mimir which was like my feed reader, but I can generate a simpler thing from the script I was using to feed Brainbird.

So long, and thanks for the support of everyone who cared about my experiment while it lasted.

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