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Poole is a pretty simple but quite handy static site generator that uses Markdown files as source and a single template file.

I like a lot the idea of static website generation as it simplifies a lot the site administration. Specially small sites that aren't updated often or maintained for a single person like this one

Paired with something like Initializr one can bootstrap a new site incredibly fast.

I tried moving from wordpress to octopres, but the lot of Ruby stuff I had to install and the fact I'm not that much into Ruby got me out of it. In fact I tried to setup this on Octopress but the html and styling is very tied to the default template wich I don't like that much. I like a lot the style I adapted for this site and I know it well so I decided to do it on Poole.

So today I moved and merged the blog and my public site into a single source using this tool and the files I got from exitwp.

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