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After more than year of neglecting this blog, here's some update.

It has been a rough first year without "Linda", in her memory we adopted a mutt we called "Nina" and she's growing awesomely.


I use a couple of phones a Black Berry Pearl and recently I acquired an LG Neon GT350 that from the beginning I planned to use to update my Brainbird account. A few months ago I was forced to acquire a Mobile Internet Plan from Tigo.

The Huawei USB modem that comes with the Tigo Internet Plan, works great with Linux ( you might require usb_modeswitch), it registers an serial port that you use with pppd with the proper config (I might attach the config to this post in the future) and there you go.

Now, the LG Neon is a fair phone that was pretty cheap, a main requirement for me. Used it while I was at Baltimore and when I came back to Colombia I wanted to use it here so I had to unlock. Used an IMEI unlock-code, it was pretty quick but these code dealers business looks fishy, so beware.

This phone permits me only standard J2ME apps to run. Android is sucking up all the open-source development force and I don't blame them; J2ME is crap and Android offers a much richer library to play with. This leaves J2ME with very few and outdated choices for software to use. I didn't need much, just a Brainbird client and a xmpp client to use from time to time.

For XMPP I'm using Lampiro, which is the best J2ME xmpp client I have used and I tried a lot of them. They offer the source of it but so far I've been busy with MobBrainbird and I haven't started to hack it.

Now for and there's Mobidentica, which was fine but it only could take 140 characters at a time and on the LG it wasn't flipping when the slider is open, and that was driving me crazy. So against my nature I picked up Java, WTK, Netbeans and started learning the dark of developing J2ME apps.

The phone(and J2ME ) have this "feature" that asks permission to the user when an app wants to use some of the restricted permissions. This have been abused in my LG Neon and apps that are not signed with a root certificated that comes with the phone and will keep asking for permission every call they do. This was specially annoying when using xmpp. Finally figured a workaround against this by chance, since I was researching on how to get the damn apps to flip, Opera Mini flipped ok but a lot of others didn't, so I downloaded the LG J2ME SDK(Had to install java,quicktime, and other stuff in wine to get it working) and discovered that I could sign my apps with a developer certificate that comes with it. After doing this my apps could get enhanced permission and finally remove the permission nag.


After a week or so of hacking and basically improving Mobidentica I figured that to make an app flip I just needed to add something to the .jad file and install the app using it. Now I have flipping lampiro, MobBrainbird and any app I want, also with my developer signing I can remove the permission nag to any app I want.

 MIDlet-Screen-Mode: both

In the process I forked Mobidentica and "refactored" it to be named MobBrainbird, or just Brainbird. It's fully branded now and the unsigned version it's available here:

Brainbird.jad Brainbird.jar

It features several things that the original Mobidentica doesn't have, I'm still considering releasing the code. For the time being I'm not required to do so.


MobBrainbird exclusive features, at this moment.


What I'm adding/fixing in the future:


If you have suggestions or nag me, you know where to find me.

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