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2009-08-20-polipo and adblock filters for uzbl

Well this is a micro post about polipo and how do you setup it with adblock filters. First adblockplus is capable of mangling the rendered hmtl to remove adds and that makes it better to anything we can achieve with polipo, but what we get with polipo filtering it's good enough at least fo me.

You need to find an AdblockPlus filter file, there are lots and a quick google will get you one, then you need the that's found here:

Then you need to convert every . in ., ? in \? and | in \|.

Finally cut out the mangling filters, usually the block filters are clustered on the top of the file and once you see a mangling rule everything down there should be cut out from the filter file.

That's all, put the resulting file in ~/.polipo-forbidden and hope everything went fine.

Good luck

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