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2009-08-20-brainbird5c27s cleanup maid for laconica

Well this is a pretty small script written in python to break realtionships in, or any other instance by blocking/unblocking users that have been inactive a number of months at discretion of the user.


 ./ https://instance/api username months [break/ask]
  • First argument is the laconica instance api url, ie

  • Your username on that instance

  • A floating point number representing the number of months that a user needs to be inactive to qualify for cleanup.

Last argument is optional if ommited the script will only print the users who qualify for cleanup.

  • ask: Will ask if you want to break connection for every user in the cleanup list

  • break: Will do the cleanup without asking.

You can get the maid and get your account clean.

WARNING: This comes without ANY warranty use it at your own risk, also probably only will work on a python 2.6 install, but it can be modified to run in python 2.4.

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