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2009-08-12-brainbird current features

Well Brainbird is my own laconica instance where I hack around the code from time to time, I have added few modifications to the current 0.8.x branch of laconica, you can see them here.

While right now they are exclusive from brainbird there's nothing stopping anyone to grab my changes and use them as they see fit, and that is some of the beauty behind using free software, you can have the features you want, whenever you want. If you're lucky you can do the hacking yourself, but you can always find someone to do the hacking for you, it might cost you few bucks. That's the point behind sygn.

If you're considering moving to brainbird due to my current changes, I have few things to say that might help you:

After this small list, I say, do it, on brainbird or any other laconica instance. Federation is good, it's cool and prevent's you from being caught on other people's problems. Even better, host your own laconica instance with your own changes, while it's not easy, the freedom to tailor it to your taste is priceless.

Well now a brief list of what's on brainbird right now that haven't been merged on laconica:

Well this is how my gajim session looks for Brainbird

gajim screenshot

The linked # you see at every message is the link to the conversation, it doesn't traverse servers, it's just the conversation thread on brainbird. Problems like this is the reason why I suggest using a federate account, it really needs testing and users get a feeling of the shortcomings and give feedback to developers.

I have few patches for gajim, one is the character counter that helps a bit, the second is the @nick completion, it uses a FOAF url to populate the link and then autocomplete @nicks as gajim does for MUC chatrooms, the code is here, I merge frequently from official, but you can extract patches from my repo and apply as you wish. Gajim with MB patches

Well, enjoy! EOP

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