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Every now and then I see some sort of professional that's completely bored about windows, and the entrapment he has been put by all the restricting software vendors; but then when he tries the few, if existing at all, free software tools alternatives for his specific area he realize that the tool is incomplete or doesn't provide the performance he needs to complete his tasks. And then we get all other professionals who are married with certain tool telling us every other tools is wrong and his choice shine for it's perfection.

This is the situation, while there are some vendors who charge a fixed one time license for their tools there's a huge number of vendors for professional tools that charge us a ever recurring year by year licensing fee, and probably for everyone who does some real work with those tools that price is probably fair. Then we get the vendors who not only charges your usage of the tool but also royalties for every production piece where their tool is used, and now again probably when you're doing some serious work the price is fair and all that.

In the end all what we get is permission to use certain tool, we don't get the tool at all and that tool can be taken from us anytime they want, and we on the place I work have been through that a fair number of times, after all our job is to provide solutions to large industry issues.

Well, now I think it's time for all of us who want to break free of the restricting software vendors to handout the cash. Seriously sponsor the development of our tools, with our professional time and our hard earned money. The amount of money we have to pay in electronics for our tools is by no means small and the cost to develop professional tools is huge; it would take a lot of time for free software to reach today's quality of restricting software but we can speed up the process.

Remember the money you invest on free software is never lost in the end you get to own the tool by investing at most the same amount of money you're investing on using someone else tool. Most of the time people forget about this basic freedom they have, they can improve existing tools by doing it themselves or paying someone who can to scratch your itch, it really works and as an anecdotal reference It has worked for us in the place I work.

A discussion around this with Sam Kleinmann (Tychoish), led to what's being called Sygn which is a proposal of the infrastructure that could build a network that could help in the achievement of this idea.

With Syng I would be able to search for someone with correct profile when I need/want to sponsor someone to develop a new project or a given feature for an existing feature, for projects to look new contributors and new developers to find stuff to work on. It's just a part of what Syng could be capable of, see Sam's Wiki entry about Syng, there is a very enlightening example.

I'd write more about Syng, but it certainly deserves a post on it's own.

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