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2009-06-13-stackless mud client

Well I'm going to release today a small project I have been working for a while, it's a mud client written in stackless python.

I't going to be hosted in bitbucket, I'm giving this service a try even when I use to host my own repositories for this, if I don't like how it goes there I'll switch back to my own hosting.

Here's the link: SMC Bitbucket

I decided to write it on stackless python because I wanted to write few complex bots using a FSM design methodology since I consider it's the best approach for MUDs, and writing these with stackless python would be far easier than with the bare python.

So far it satisfies my mudding needs and I keep writing more and more bots and extending the ones I have.

Since this is the first announcement of the client it's in a very internal state, I cleaned up a bit the files and added license header for each of the files but overall it needs a lot more documentation.

I hope someone gives it a try, for one I'm happy to have a MUD Client with a decent programming language to write my stuff.

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