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2009-02-26-last time i logged into ms windows28tm29

Two years ago and a laptop ago I booted into windows, and noticed it was still showing the Packard Bell desktop also that I had barely installed anything on it. I had been using the laptop for like six months.

After realizing that I thought, this is stupid, I could use this space for something useful.

So I did: Reboot, fdisk, mkreisesrfs, vim fstab, mount -a and there you go, fresh new space for multimedia files.

On this laptop, that OS hand't a chance. Two partitions: one small for easy boot and the rest just a big lvm storage that I can mess as much as I want.

Nowadays I log into Windows on other machines for various reasons but I find myself thinking. Why you have to use the mouse so much? I feel clumsy and that I spend way too much time doing simple tasks. Why the harddisk is always being hit? Why it's so needy with all those popups?

I'm glad that a friend of mine showed me that with proper software setup and installation even windows can have a decent ui, finally my poor deepsabbath can get an usable workstation for hers Industrial Design tasks.

But. Hey, it's software isn't? I'll be worried the day we can't change the way our software behaves.


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