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2009-02-16-emacs denting mode for laconicas 28incliding identica29

Denting Mode

I guess one of the main advantages that laconica has is being twitter compatible because if you have the source you can get a twitter only app to work on any laconica instance, so I found the twittering mode for emacs here:

Then I decided to port it to laconica so I could use it to post to Brainbird, which is my own laconica instance.

I added the denting group for customization and I would like to use a password system like the one that weblogger.el uses. Now you can set the laconica instance you want to use by setting the laconica-instance variable.

The bindigns as always with emacs modes are the most sexy part, so here they are. I added none Im just posting this to make it easier for the interested to get to know which they are.

      (define-key km "\C-c\C-f" denting-friends-timeline)
      (define-key km "\C-c\C-s" denting-update-status-interactive)
      (define-key km "\C-c\C-e" denting-erase-old-statuses)
      (define-key km "\C-m" denting-enter)
      (define-key km "\C-c\C-l" denting-update-lambda)
      (define-key km [mouse-1] denting-click)
      (define-key km "\C-c\C-v" denting-view-user-page)
      ;; (define-key km "j" next-line)
      ;; (define-key km "k" previous-line)
      (define-key km "j" denting-goto-next-status)
      (define-key km "k" denting-goto-previous-status)
      (define-key km "l" forward-char)
      (define-key km "h" backward-char)
      (define-key km "0" beginning-of-line)
      (define-key km "^" beginning-of-line-text)
      (define-key km "$" end-of-line)
      (define-key km "n" denting-goto-next-status-of-user)
      (define-key km "p" denting-goto-previous-status-of-user)
      (define-key km [backspace] backward-char)
      (define-key km "G" end-of-buffer)
      (define-key km "H" beginning-of-buffer)
      (define-key km "i" denting-icon-mode)
      (define-key km "s" denting-scroll-mode)
      (define-key km "t" denting-toggle-proxy)
      (define-key km "\C-c\C-p" denting-toggle-proxy)

The icon mode is nice, since it displays in recent emacs the avatars ofthe laconicats youre following. You can download the denting-mode.el here:

If you hit one of the many bugs this code might have, please comment here and I might try to solve it. But bear with me Im not an usual emacs lisp programmer and this quialifies more to a hack than a proper release.

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