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2009-02-01-first post

Well this is my first post of the year and Im glad I found lt;a href=quot;;gt;Emacs Weblogger with Tagslt;/agt; for wordpress, WP 2.7 dashboard is cute but an online editor will never be as good as emacs or it will be so easy for me to create a blog post even when using firefoxs its all text.

I have been working a while testing strophe a javascript library for xmpp. Its really insteresting how using xmpp you can create applications that interact with users in realtime with little overhead. After some time of testing and some examples I can say setting up something like speeqe its quite simple with strophe. Now I would like to start seeing more complex applications, maybe one that uses PUBSUB. On the downside of strophe is that the documentation is seriously lacking and you might want to read other examples in other frameworks and be sure to know how to deal with XEP so you can get the most if and get some ideas of what you can do.

Ill be posting the second part of the previous post about setting lt;a href=quot;;gt;Redmine in Archlinuxlt;/agt;, with my particular setup. I think it would be handy when I need to setup it again.

So thats all for now, once again Ill try to update sooner.

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