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2008-12-21-setting up redmine with archlinux


This time I'm going to write about how I did setup Redmine in one of my servers, since It was a rather "special" setup I decided to publish how I managed to do it.

Before going into the details I want to describe exactly the setup I did.

  • Redmine SVN, a svn checkout of redmine

  • Mongrel, the production ready RoR server

  • Apache 2

  • Mercurial, distributed version control system

  • hgweb, Perl cgi script to serve mercurial repositories

  • Use gmail smtp service from redmine

Since describing this setup might be lengthy, I might need to break it into several posts.

Redmine is a project management tool, for some time I used trac but I never managed to get the kind of setup I have just done with redmine. Redmine it's based on Ruby on Rails(a.k.a RoR,ror,ROR... whatever) it isn't the fastest or it would be my first pick, yet some amazing work is done with it day to day and it just get better with time, it's one of those fun projects that gets a lot of love/hate reactions but that manages to keep the project hot and interesting.

From what I heard ( I have very little experience) getting RoR play nicely with apache it's hard and troublesome so I decided to try finding a easier way and I did, it was using mongrel as server and apache as proxy. Overall it's fast enough for my current project yet RoR is as slow as expected, I think it just needs a lot more knowledge on my part to get it run faster yet that's not what you expect. Keeping a server up,running and secure is already a pain in the ass the less you need to fiddle with the stuff you run I think it's better.

Setting this all on Archlinux is fairly easy since most of it is already on their repos or you can install it using gems. Some people do not like gems and prefer distribution type packages. I simply don't care, I keep my installed software count low and I like freedom to break my system.

Getting everything prepared

First you need to get some stuff installed in your system, the path for the checkout and everything is up to you so are the permissions, ssl for apache and users that are going to run the daemons, but that's security stuff that I'm not going to talk about here.

Ruby, Gems, Apache, Mercurial

On arch is just this:

 pacman -S ruby rubygems mercurial apache

Installing RoR

Well it's just one line if you use gems:

sudo gem install rails

Installing Mongrel

Same as ror:

sudo gem install mongrel

Checking out Redmine

Another one-liner

svn co redmine.svn

Ok now the basic stuff to get started is there and now it's time to configure and get it running, but that's is going to be in the next post

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