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2008-12-03-disqus comments now on valkertown

Disqus, pronunced discuss is a service to handle comments and threads about comments, I heard of it some time ago and have hit it from time to time yet I hadn't pay much attention to it so far. s no

Now I have just signedup there with my openid and decided to give it a try on my blog, it's not that I get too many comments but it may be easier to handle the rare comments on this install since I don't run a MTA on valkertown and sometimes I let the comments pass some time without approving them.

From the commenter perspective maybe it's easier to know when I have answered their comments and have a more lively conversation with them, I really like speaking with the people that's interested on anything that I blog about

Let's see if I can integrate some kind of notification from disqus to a feed, it would be really nice, also maybe I can get to answer directly from Let's see what happens.

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