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2008-11-22-goodbye slackware

Slackware Powered

Well, after having spent all my time with GNU/Linux using my favorite distro, which is almost 8 years, I finally moved away from Slackware. Not that I have any problem with it, it's just I found a distro that I like even more.

My new distro of choice is now Archlinux, which happens to be a quite updated distribution contrary to slackware, I have yet to see the stability and all that, but after a week of using it I have found I can spend less time fiddling with source installs and still don't being bothered by excesive system automation. As far as binary builds Arch respects the source and will not alter the stuff that's installed also I have seen very few patches applied to the source.

Archlinux Tan

My favorite part of Archlinux are the PKGBUILDS which are smart enough to create packages from source code coming from git/svn/mercurial/darcs/etc... checkouts and handle the packaging and still gives me full control of the build process and patching. This is pretty important for me since I happen to run most of my day to day software from version control checkouts with custom patches and compilation and this is the first non-slackware distro that I can do that without fighting at all with the distribution.

While installing Archlinux I found that my old lvm schema that used root as vg and one lv was a big mistake since it interfered with kinit,udev and some scripts during the boot process. On slackware I didn't had any trouble since I had modified my boot to handle that, yet on arch kinit simply will not work if that schema persisted, so I had to change my vg and lv names (not a big deal but I wasted so much time figuring out)

So far being very happy with it, no more compiling a lot of packages I didn't like and can keep kernel compilations to the minimum since Archlinux software list is really up to date. This really helps when you use new software or happend to be dealing with really recent hardware.

Archlinux Powered

Finally I really doubt I ditch Slackware at all, since I have a load of projects that still runs over the slackware platform and ideas but with time I will update them all to arch, including my microwulf cluster that I have on the CIF's basement.


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