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2008-08-10-jance source release

First take a look of the fancy xhtml formatted answers that Gajim + Jance can produce:

Gajim + Jance

It's time to announce the public Releace of Jance repository, it's released under the GPL V3.0 and you can give a look to it here:

Valkertown Public Mercurial Repositories

If you want to checkout the source of Jance bot: hg clone

The whole process of coding this bot have been very interesting and been part of my current research on using xmpp as the foundation of some of the instrumentation systems I design and implement, it's looking good. I have been measuring the traffic it generates client-server, bot-server and with proper configuration an xmpp bot can be useful in a high-latency low-quality network that are the rule on several of the systems I design.

Send patches and bug reports to, those are always welcome.


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