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2008-07-17-valkertown5c27s jabber server

Well, from now on I'm going to open valkertown's jabber server for public registration, will try to do my best with this service but if it causes too much troubles I will close it again. It's located at and you should use a jabber client to register the new account there

With time if it's worth it I would set an public statistics page.

It features:

There's a couple of conference rooms that are always there:

While I have been runnign this server for some time now, I'm kinda new with open jabber servers so I would be happy to hear any tips or help to prevent abuse.

The server supports also http-bind (BOSH) method via

I'm trying to setup a good browser based http-bind client and host it here at valkertown but I think jwchat is horrible and haven't been able to make webspark work with valkertown's ejabberd. So if you know any good client that I could host here let me know.

I'm folllowing with great interest the people from chesspark and speeqe since they seem to have a great browser bosh client. So far they only have published the tools they created for the clients but those looks really promising.


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