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Until now I have written it on mostly Spanish, this post IS rather unusual.

As for now I have been wandering trough Italy and I still have one more week end to go to a random city far enough to match my flight schedule.

So far I have been in Trieste, Rome, Fiorenze, Venice, wonderful places, filled with amazing pieces of art, exorbitant architecture, and that feeling of being a place where you don't belong.

Still right now I'm amazed by the unusual density of beautiful women that wander trough the streets, not only Italian women, every city is full of people from all over the world, you can pick anyone and have a nice chat if you're lucky enough to speak at least one language in common.

So far I have met some of these women just by the sake of doing it, enjoying just listening from some funny Spanish and a rather clumsy English, to the always funny to hear Spanish from Spain. Since my course is being held on the ICTP, you can find people from many countries and have a brief glimpse of their home countries and life trough the window of a very interesting English, and some times Spanish. (If you haven't figured out yet I only speak two languages).

One thing that I have disliked so far from Italian museums is the fact they removed all the information references from the pieces and just some of them have the audio-guide. When the piece is very well know you can handle the fact of not having the information but when you know nothing about the piece, I found myself frustrated of not even being able to say which ones I liked without inventing some name for it and then trying to specify which one with plain words. I don't know anything about this matter, but to me, those pieces of paper near the art piece are important.

To me was kinda sad to get in to Rome and see so many temples of the old Roman gods converted into churches.

I don't know but so far the Italian buildings are really hot to me, they set the temperature to 24C, to me that's almost the twice I'm used in Bogot'a, and the air is very dry, so I'm not really comfortable inside, but outside we're on autumn and it's rainy, cold and breezy, just like Bogot'a.

In our trips I have mastered the art of getting lost, getting lost even while I'm sleeping.

Also have been drinking the most varieties of beer, wine and all the foods and drinks my partners brought from their countries. This time I brought some Juan Valdez coffee and even here in Italy it's certainly better. This encouraged every one to share a piece of their country to the others, so the objective was accomplished.

That's all so far, still wondering if I'll do something like this post again in the future.

EOT 1:35h

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